Ford Focus>> Drive of forward wheels>> Removal of a drive of forward wheels>> Installation of the right drive of forward wheels
Installation carry out in the following sequence:
- before installation replace everything самоконтрящиеся nuts on new and put a little greasing on a carving part of a shaft and a shlitsa;
- insert a new drive of wheels together with intermediate shaft into a transmission. Thus do not damage an epiploon in a transmission. At installation in a transmission of iB5 apply the adjusting plug which is delivered complete with new consolidation;
- an intermediate shaft establish so that its bearing settled down on a rack of a basic coupler. Tighten a coupler the moment of 25 N · m;
- insert the shlitsevy end of a drive of wheels into a shlitsevy part of a nave of a wheel. For this purpose strike with a rubber hammer on outer side of a nave of a wheel or establish a wheel drive by means of the special adaptation against the stop in a nave. When the drive of wheels is established without the special adaptation, it is necessary to press it so that from a nave enough of rounds of a carving seemed to screw a nut. Further tighten a nut;
- check oil level in a transmission and if necessary add;
- establish the cross-section lever on the right;
- establish a wheel with a preliminary inhaling of nuts;
- remove the car from support and establish on wheels;
- tighten a nut of fastening of a drive of wheels the moment of 316 N · m. Thus ask the assistant to press a brake pedal;
- finally tighten wheel nuts;
- tighten a nut of a rack of the shock-absorber the moment of 48 N · m;
- make a trial trip then check an inhaling of carving connections, whether they weakened.