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At service stations Fords for installation of a semi-axis use the special adaptation 304-161 (14-041).
Removal of a drive carry out in the following sequence:
- brake the car the parking brake;
- release on 5 turns of a nut of the right rack of shock-absorbers. The rod of the piston is blocked by means of a natural by an internal six-sided head;
- release a nut of a nave of a wheel by means of a face key of SW32, and also a nut of fastening of the right wheel;
- lift a forward part of the car and reliably fix on support then remove a wheel;
- on the right dismantle the cross-section lever;
- unscrew a nut of fastening of a drive of wheels (the nut can be used only four times, mark a nut);
- take out a semi-axis from a wheel nave by means of a usual stripper. The maximum bend angle in the hinge 18 °;
- remove a basic coupler of an intermediate shaft — the coupler is applied only once;
- take out an intermediate shaft together with drive shaft from a transmission, thus do not bend the internal hinge more, than on 18 °;
- close the formed opening in a transmission a pure rag against leakage of oil;
- disconnect a shaft of a drive of wheels from an intermediate shaft (see dismantle of an intermediate shaft).