Ford Focus>> Drive of forward wheels>> Check of antisplash covers of a drive of wheels
Check carry out in the following order:
- establish a forward part of the car on support, having reliably fixed it;
- turn a steering wheel as far as possible on the left and to the right. Rotating a hand a wheel which is turned outside, examine a protective cover of the external hinge on existence of cracks, cuts, attritions. If the such are available, the hinge long will not serve. For check of a protective cover of the internal hinge it is necessary to lay down under the car, and the assistant thus should rotate a wheel slowly;
- check an inhaling of collars;
- traces of a zamaslivaniye of covers testify to existence of defects at them;
- look, whether there are greasing traces on soil and car details, and establish as soon as possible the reason. Otherwise will soon deal with the destroyed hinge. The internal hinge at plant is filled with special greasing in number of 100 g (iB5) and 125 g (MTH). For external hinges the amount of greasing makes 100 g, at replacement of covers there are enough 60 g of Mos2 greasing. The company Ford applies greasing according to the SM-1C75-A or SQH-1C9004-A specification;

Fig. 233. Internal hinge: 1 — an external collar; 2 — an internal collar

– at control of antisplash covers of drives of shaft should be checked reliability of connections external 1 (fig. 233) and internal 2 collars. Seats of covers with semi-axes should be faultlessly pure.