Ford Focus>> Coupling>> Coupling replacement in a case when on the car iB5 transmission is established
Before coupling removal it is necessary for you to remove a transmission. Do it as it is described in section. "Transmission".
For works on coupling removal masterful Fords use the following special tool:
- an aligning opravka 308204 (16-067);
- clamp of a cranked shaft 303393 (21-168).
Removal of coupling carry out in the following sequence:
- unscrew cross-wise all fixing bolts of a casing of coupling assembled. The moment of an inhaling of bolts reduce, gradually turning on them on 2 turns while the spring completely will not unload;
- remove a casing of coupling with press and conducted by disks from pins;
- check a technical condition of details of coupling.
Installation of coupling carry out in the following sequence:
- clear rubbing surfaces of a flywheel and a press disk, remove a dust from coupling details, avoid use of cleaners and solvents;

Fig. 216. A centering of a conducted disk

- by means of an aligning opravka center a conducted disk concerning an axis of a cranked shaft (fig. 216) ;

Fig. 217. Coupling installation: 1 — a bolt; 2 — a coupling casing assembled; 3 — an aligning opravka

- establish press disks on a flywheel. Bolts 2 tighten evenly cross-wise. Bolts tighten the moment of 29 N · m after that take out an opravka (fig. 217) .