Ford Focus>> Ignition system>> Work with ignition system>> Replacement of spark plugs
On Focus cars recommended periodicity of replacement of candles makes 60 000 km of run. Replacement of candles carry out only at the cold engine, by means of a special candle key, in the following order:
- remove a wire from spark plugs;
- unscrew candles on three turns and blow openings under candles air under pressure. So you will avoid that when dismantling dirt will get to openings and will reach cylinders;
- finally turn out candles by means of a candle key and spread out on a workbench in that order in what they were established on the engine;
- put on a surface of a carving of new candles a thin layer of graphite greasing. Screw candles at first a hand and then a key on a turn quarter (90 °). It corresponds to the ordered moment of an inhaling of 25 N · to m;
- if you trust the used candles, then before their installation clear a carving a brass brush. Further installation carry out, as well as for new candles, but a candle key turn only on 15 ° as the sealing ring of the used candles already was compressed.