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Kalilnoye spark plug number — is an indicator of its ability to resist to thermal loadings. In order that candles worked reliably, they should reach quickly after engine start temperature of self-cleaning about 400 ° S.Esli is not present, on the thermal case of an insulator the deposit can be formed. At full load of the engine the temperature of heating of an insulator should not exceed 800 ° S.Na all engines operating conditions for spark plugs are not identical, therefore the choice of the correct kalilny number for the concrete engine depends on quantity of heat, received and taken away at combustion. If, for example, you use a candle with smaller kalilny number, the insulator will overheat and it can lead to kalilny ignition, and even to destroy the engine. If, on the contrary, you choose a candle with high kalilny number, it will not reach self-cleaning temperature — and the insulator will become soiled.