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The sensor of pressure measures pressure in an inlet collector and hands over information in the control unit. The size of pressure is determined by change of its resistance.
Detonation sensor. In its basis lies пьезокерамика – a material which is used for a long time in lighters instead of silicon. Pyezokeramika turns mechanical energy, at stretching or compression, into electric tension. At detonation burning on the engine characteristic vibrations, sufficient for sensor operation are felt. He feels fluctuations and transfers them to the control unit. The ignition moment in cylinders is immediately corrected towards installation of later ignition before restoration of normal combustion. The maximum range of regulation makes 15 °. After installation of normal combustion, after small endurance, the ignition moment again starts to be displaced in the direction of installation of earlier ignition.
Sensor of frequency of rotation. The inductive sensor contains a rod magnet with the polar probe and the inductance coil with two conclusions. When tooth on a wheel or a rotor passes near the core of the summer resident, changes of a magnetic stream induced by it create an alternating voltage in the coil. For signal formation about the valid provision of a cranked shaft in VMT on a flywheel for the first and last cylinders two segments are made.