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Fig. 206. TNVD Bosch VP-30: 1 — the lopastny pump; 2 — a roller ring; 3 — the sensor of an angle of rotation; 4 — the control unit the pump (PCU); 5 — the contact socket; 6 — the axial piston; 7 — the electromagnetic valve of a high pressure; 8 — the return valve; 9 — the magnetic valve for installation of the beginning of injection (FITS); 10 — an injection regulator; 11 — a disk cam; 12 — a rotor of the sensor of operating impulses

Fuel arrives from a fuel tank via the fuel filter to TNVD. In traditional pumps of distributive type the lopastny toplivopodkachivayushchy pump (fig. 206) is established .

Fig. 207. Electromagnetic valve of a high pressure: 1 — a press spring; 2 — a plunzher; 3 — the inlet channel; 4 — a winding; 5 — the closing and opening directions; 6 — a valve needle; 7 — the channel to a nozzle

On the top cover of the pump there is a control unit (PCU), it has no mechanical communication with an accelerator pedal. The electromagnetic valve of a high pressure (fig. 207) opens and closed on TNVD control unit signals. This valve allows to dose out fuel by means of moving of plunzherny pair. Supply of fuel to a nozzle begins at the moment of closing of the electromagnetic valve, and stops at the moment of opening.