Ford Focus>> Management of the power unit and the fulfilled gases>> Independent work with system of injection can be limited>> Check of frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft idling
Frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft of the petrol engine makes 900 mines-1 and is established by the control unit on the turbodiesel Endura 850 engine of mines-1.
The number of turns of idling constantly by means of a servomotor, after inclusion (for example, headlights, the conditioner or the amplifier of a steering) is calibrated by the control unit. Focus with the petrol engine works for 900 rpm, Endura-Turbodiesel rotates a cranked shaft from 850 rpm. For preventive control the exact device is necessary for measurement of turns for you. Workshops use an autotester for this purpose. If the number of turns does not correspond to factory parameters, they cannot be adjusted separately. The reason of failure should be looked for in all control system. If the storage battery was disconnected, it is required to pass not less than 2 — 8 km that in memory of the control unit old data were restored. Otherwise act as follows:
- check a condition of hoses for air intake;
- check an accelerator drive, whether hard it;
- further control carry out in workshops with application of special autotesters for engine check;
- lack of pressure in fuel system can cause unstable idling. Check of size of pressure carry out in a workshop.