Ford Focus>> Management of the power unit and the fulfilled gases>> Independent work with system of injection can be limited>> The leakage in system of supply of air creates mistakes for the control unit
If there are leaky connections in system of supply of air, it can lead to violation of the signals arriving in the control unit, and the wrong preparation of a working mix. Nozzles can submit to the engine smaller amount of fuel — a mix grown poor. Thus the engine works at turns of idling with characteristic metal noise. At full loadings of the engine it is also possible to hear this noise. In order that details of the engine were not damaged, the detonation sensor constantly is in work, defining detonation existence in cylinders then the ignition moment in them is established to later.
Periodically check:
- connections of vacuum hoses;
- hoses and the branch pipes relating to system of injection;
- consistently spray special spray shlangovy and flange connections. Where after spraying the number of turns of the engine will change, there is a leak.