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The control system of petrol engines of the Focus car works, with rare exception, similar to the Ford Fiesta 1996 power plant of modeling year. Further the description is provided in the management generally the new or changed components. New units arrive without system of a retsirkulyatsiya of the fulfilled gases (EGR).
The control unit the power EEC-V unit with 60 contacts operates Zetec-SE/E engines. The engine of 1,6 l of Zetec with an automatic transmission 4F27E the EEC-V block (104 contacts) operates. The control unit will coordinate the work with the control unit ignition (ICM) and an electronic control system of traction effort (PATS). The control unit (RSM) provides with data the board computer.

Fig. 199. Sensor of a detonation of the Zetec-SE engine: 1 — the detonation sensor; 2 — system of ventilation of a case

Sensor of a detonation (KS). Because of high extent of compression (11:1) Zetec-SE engines are equipped with detonation sensors (fig. 199) . The sensor will tighten directly to the block of cylinders. The sensor signals the control unit (PSM) about uncontrollable burning. The PCM control unit reduces a corner of an advancing of ignition in cylinders where there is a detonation on 15 °. If it is not enough of it, the control unit the power unit reduces a corner of an advancing of ignition while burning does not become normal. After two seconds without detonation sounds the RSM block regulates a corner of an advancing of ignition to border of a detonation or, at normal quality of fuel, to the set corner of an advancing of ignition.

Fig. 200. The SNT sensor on a block head

The sensor of temperature of a head of the block (SNT) - is established directly on a block head (fig. 200) . It replaced the old sensor of temperature of cooling liquid (eats), which was used in control systems earlier. The SNT sensor directly participates in heat exchange with a block head, it works irrespective of cooling liquid. Its signals influence on:
- amount of injected fuel;
- adjustment of rotation of a cranked shaft idling (IAC);
- installation of the moment of ignition;
- catching system паров fuels (EVAP);
- on turning on of the electric motor of the fan of system of cooling;
- temperature indications on a combination of devices;
- an alarm lamp of an overheat of the engine on a combination of devices.