Ford Focus>> Power supply system>> Removal and installation of the fuel pump on the car with the petrol engine
At removal and installation of the fuel pump perform the following works:
- disconnect a "weight" wire from the negative plug of the storage battery;
- merge fuel from a tank and remove it under the car;

Fig. 189. Removal bringing and submitting топливопроводов

- remove bringing and submitting топливопроводы, and also the contact socket from the fuel pump (fig. 189) ;
- unscrew a lock ring the special tool (Ford 23055) or by means of a punch and a hammer;
- remove the fuel pump, for this purpose turn the pump counter-clockwise and take out from a tank. During it carefully manage with a float and its lever;
- for pump installation surely use a new sealing ring under a lock ring of the pump
- at installation combine labels on a fuel tank and the pump;

Fig. 190. A special key for a lock ring

- clear all condensed surfaces before putting the pump. A lock ring tighten the moment of 80 N · m (fig. 190) ;
- finish installation in sequence, return to removal;
- connect a "weight" wire to the negative plug of the storage battery and turn on the pump on 30 villages. Approximately so much time is necessary for restoration of normal pressure in system;
- check all connections on tightness.