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The treatment of fuel demands extra care. You should not treat thoughtlessly a power supply system at its service or repair. First of all after careful consideration approach to a question fuel plum from a tank. Secure itself and your environment the following measures:
- disconnect a "weight" wire from the negative plug of the storage battery and isolate reliably battery plugs;
- merge fuel from a tank. For this purpose the toplivostoyky manual pump (or a tube with silfony) is necessary for you. Do not try to merge at all fuel through the top opening of a fuel tank (a flange for installation of the sensor of the index of level of fuel) or by means of a hose, creating vacuum a mouth — you can poison with fuel additives;
- put on hand distance the foamy fire extinguisher in full readiness;
- do not merge fuel from a tank in a viewing ditch, pairs of fuel together with air can form an explosive mix after certain time;
- be convinced that in operating time indoors there are no the switched-on electrodevices, open sources of fire, heat and radiation sources;
- pour fuel only in closed capacities. For this purpose there are special fireproof capacities with a klapanny cover;
- the empty fuel tank is the collection for паров fuels. Manage with them carefully — there is a danger of explosion.