Ford Focus>> Introduction>> Recommendations about workshop visit>> To avoid surprises, in advance ask about repair cost
Before preparing the demand for repair, divide expected cost of works and materials. For possible additional works establish clear price boundary. Do not try to define precisely volume and costs of repair, better call in a workshop the limiting sum for repair.
Ask about cost of provided diagnostics. If, for example, your car spends too much fuel or is badly got or the engine works with interruptions and you hear appreciable noise from wheels, diagnostics happens more expensive, than repair. Establish a cost limit on diagnostics.
For contact to a workshop leave your telephone number. Address to you can in case repair more on volume or is more expensive, than agreed. Will in writing fix additional arrangements in the demand for repair.
At big repair ask that made budget cost in writing. Solid workshops count budget cost, as a rule, before the completion of repair. At unforeseen works settlement cost of repair can exceed the estimate no more than for 15 — 20 %.