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Fig. 182. Power supply system: 1 — the fuel filter (the petrol engine); 2 — the fuel pump; 3 — the relay of the fuel pump; 4 — the fuel filter (the diesel engine); 5 — a point of connection with "weight" on a tube топливопровода; 6 — a bulk pipe; 7 — a fuel tank

The fuel pump with the electric drive submits class Super gasoline on the fuel highway from a fuel tank to the engine. In the bringing highway the fuel filter which clears fuel of pollution and condensate is established. At all Focus cars with the petrol engine the filter is under a body near the right back wheel, with the diesel engine — on the right side of the engine. The fuel tank has system of alignment of pressure. Pressure in a fuel tank always to the equally atmospheric. The active coal filter which catches pairs of fuel is applied to protection of environment from poisonous паров gasoline and sends them at the working engine to an inlet collector (fig. 182) .