Ford Focus>> Cooling system>> Replacement of hoses of system of cooling
If during a trip you found a leak through a hose, temporarily condense a leak place by means of a sticky tape. In order that you could reach to the next workshop, slightly open a tank cover that pressure in system did not increase. Constantly pay attention to the index of temperature of cooling liquid and do not allow it to rise sharply. Buy always only original hoses, they always precisely will rise on the place and will not harden after short time. Collars also should be checked thoroughly, rusty — to be replaced.
Replacement of hoses carry out in the following sequence:
- merge cooling liquid in pure capacity;
- weaken an inhaling of collars and remove hoses;
the "become attached" ends of hoses move by means of a screw-driver. A screw-driver insert between a hose and the union;
- put new hoses, having slightly greased their ends with vaseline, and advance them so that further during a trip they could not come off.