Ford Focus>> Cooling system>> Removal and radiator installation
Removal and installation of a radiator carry out in the following sequence:
- reliably fix the car. Disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the storage battery and the contact socket from the fan electric motor;
- merge from cooling system cooling liquid in capacity;
- remove the top hose of a radiator;
- remove the bottom hose of a radiator;
cнимите parootvodyashchy hose;
- disconnect the contact socket of a sound signal;

Fig. 174. Radiator removal with a casing

- unscrew bolts of fastening of the right and left arms of a radiator (fig. 174) ;
- remove a radiator together with a casing;
- disconnect a casing as it is described before, from a radiator;
- before installation of rubber consolidations on a radiator grease them slightly with vaseline;
- establish a radiator assembled. It is important, that the lock sock was correctly established;
- tighten bolts of fastening of arms of a radiator the moment of 25 N · m;
- final installation carry out to sequences, return to removal.