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If the temperature of cooling liquid rises above the worker, the idle fan can be the reason. It does not mean that the help of a tow at once is necessary for you. Let's to the engine cool down and go further carefully to the next workshop. In a situation with the idle fan try to avoid slow movement on high transfers or idling as in this case through a radiator passes less counter air and it is worse cooled.

At already stopped and hot motor never come nearer close to the fan! The fan can turn on even at the switched-off ignition.

Works on removal and installation of the fan carry out in the following sequence:
- check a fan safety lock;
- disconnect the contact socket from a thermoswitch;
- connect a thermoswitch a wire to "weight". If the fan turns on, the thermoswitch is spoiled. If does not join, means the wire is torn or the fan broke;
- that the disconnected wire did not get to fan blades, fix its ends an insulating tape;

Fig. 173. Contact socket of the engine of the fan

- fix the car. Disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the storage battery (plug 31) and disconnect the contact socket from the fan (fig. 173) ;
- disconnect tightening clamps from above a radiator;
- the fan together with an arm at first lift up and take out from an arm. Further the fan together with a casing take out from a motor compartment;
- we remove the fan electric motor;
cнимите a krylchatka of the fan from an electric motor axis, previously having marked a seat concerning an axis;
- the new fan establish in sequence, return to removal.