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Fig. 170. Water pump: 1 — the pump case; 2 — a krylchatka; 3 — a shaft; 4 — consolidation; 5 — a pulley

The water pump forces to circulate cooling zhikost on cooling system (fig. 170) .
The radiator consists of two tanks connected by a set of thin-walled tubes. For increase in a cooled surface between tubes the plates combined by an accordion which select excessive heat are inserted and give to a counter flow of air. The radiator fastens on the top and bottom cross-pieces.
The thermostat maintains constant temperature of the engine. New thermostats depending on model of the engine open at temperatures 85 — 90 ° With and are completely opened at 99 — 102 ° by Page. At the worked thermostats the admission makes ±3 ° S.Termostat consists of the closed thermoelement filled with special wax, wax extends in a thermoelement and compresses a valve spring, and on the contrary. Only at working temperatures the valve is completely open.
The broad tank is in the right side under a cowl in the movement direction. In it the necessary amount of cooling liquid circulating in cooling system is added. Superfluous pressure and the vacuum created in a broad tank, are leveled by the valves being in a cover of a tank.
The fan of system of cooling has an electric drive.