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It is meaningful to do replacement of oil most, thus it is necessary for you to put the car on supports. Certainly, quicker and more purely oil express replacement at the filling station having vacuum pumps turns out. However this method has the shortcomings, after all thus products of wear remain in an oil case. The most convenient option — it, of course, oil replacement in a specialized workshop.

Amount of the oil which is filled in in the engine, l
1,4 l of Zetec-SE
1,6 l of Zetec-SE
1,8 l of Zetec-E 
2,0 l of Zetec-E 
1,8 l of Endura  
1,8 l of Endura-DI

On petrol and diesel engines different oil filters therefore apply the corresponding filter are used.
Replacement of oil and the oil filter carry out in the following sequence:
— start up the engine and warm up it. It is important, as products of wear pass to a suspension;
— reliably establish the car on supports;
— substitute a basin, a bowl or the cut plastic canister of sufficient capacity;
— unscrew a masloslivny stopper by means of the bent key. Old oil merge. Be careful, it is possible to be scalded by a stream of hot oil. Wrap a drain stopper with a new sealing ring;

Fig. 168. Removal of the oil filter by means of a universal key

— to cлейте oil from reception capacity also deliver in a zone of an arrangement of the oil filter. Unscrew the filter by means of a special stripper. Pour out oil in reception capacity and utilize its (fig. 168) ;
— a sealing ring of the oil filter grease with a thin layer of engine oil or fatty greasing. Put the oil filter and tighten a hand against the stop;
— fill in in the engine necessary amount of oil. Start up the engine for short time directly on supports. The control lamp of emergency pressure of oil will go out right after filter filling;
— check density of landing of the filter and a drain stopper. Put the car again on wheels.
Visible oil spots in podkapotny space and on the engine should not cause in you serious concern. Another matter when in a motor compartment appreciable oil smudges are formed, and under the parked car — oil spots. In this case start to look for the leak reasons. Best of all check your engine after its sink during a trial trip.