Ford Focus>> System of greasing of the engine>> Control lamp of emergency pressure of oil
The control lamp lights up at pressure in the greasing system, equal 30 — 50 kPas which cannot provide existence of a necessary oil film in rubbing places of the engine. The lamp can light up also when the car goes on a bend with a minimum level of oil: as centrifugal forces arising thus move oil in a case towards turn and the oil pump cannot take away necessary amount of oil. After fast driving on автобану or at movement on lifting the lamp idling starts to blink, it is a sign of that it is not enough pressure of oil. As soon as the lamp by the first pressing a gas pedal dies away again, it should not cause in you concern, however let's burn with it long, cool the engine better.
If the control lamp burns constantly, act as follows:
- immediately stop and muffle the engine;
- check level of oil and if necessary add it. Otherwise go carefully before the following filling and add oil there. Check after that, whether the lamp dies away at the working engine;
- if the lamp does not die away, tow off the car in the next workshop and find out the reason by means of the expert.